Chess Openings for Beginners: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Chess Openings (Unabridged‪)‬

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Have you been learning to play chess and discovered that you need some guidance on getting off on the right foot? Always feel like you’re playing from behind, no matter how hard you try to start strong? If you’re in need of a simple guide to teach you the basics and variations of the most effective opening gambits, then Chess Openings for Beginners is the primer for you! 

In seven easy-to-understand chapters, you will find tons of instruction and explanations that cover:

the principles of chess openings
basics of algebraic notation
historical examples of how big openings make a big difference
how to use your king’s and queen’s pawns to perform common first moves 
how you can use your flanking pawns to craft unique first gambits
using your knights to open on the attack
the basics of defense against pawn openings recognizing your opponent’s intent and strategy  
how to create unique defensive strategies using your knights 
learning to segue into the midgame without compromising strategy 
and much, much more....

From the Queen’s Gambit to the Pirc Defense, the Italian Game to the Caro-Kann, you’ll learn all about the basics of chess openings and how to vary them to match your style of play. There are so many ways to use your pawns and knights to open games to help build your playing personality! 

With dozens of examples and explanations to help you not only grasp but genuinely understand how to start a strong chess game, Chess Openings for Beginners will be your go-to guide for early strategy - your own and understanding your opponent’s. If you’re looking to learn and you’re tired of dusty textbooks and overcomplicated instructions, then you have definitely chosen the right guidebook. Each opening move is accompanied by a graphic showing you exactly what needs to be done to execute what’s being described. You’ll also learn the purpose of each move and how it can be part of your larger game strategy.

Joshua Gamon
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7 April
Joshua Gamon

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