Choose the Life You Want: The Style of Success: Building Yourself into the Boss You Were Born to Be (Unabridged) Choose the Life You Want: The Style of Success: Building Yourself into the Boss You Were Born to Be (Unabridged)

Choose the Life You Want: The Style of Success: Building Yourself into the Boss You Were Born to Be (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • £3.99

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Gain freedom from the things holding you back and become the master of your own destiny with this guidebook for men.

Are you tired of working for nothing and struggling to see yourself as the person you want to be? Are your failures holding you back? Do you always seem to attract the wrong kind of woman? It doesn’t have to be that way. Change can be hard, but with a little help, it’s never impossible. 

With Choose the Life You Want, you can be the man you’ve always admired. Blending clever psychological tricks that every successful person knows with practical know-how, you’ll be well on your path to wealth, style, and happiness. This book will teach you everything you never learned. The primary motivation for wanting to be productive and to accumulate wealth is financial freedom. In Kevin Smith’s all-inclusive new book, you will learn proven methods that anybody can use to improve self-confidence, have a positive attitude toward yourself and others, and build wealth, which you will use to plan your happy retirement. 

You see, many factors that contribute to negative personality traits like self-doubt and low self-esteem are due to people not having financial stability and long-term goals to strive toward. Smith solves all these problems with his innovative "secret wealth formula", which provides clear, in-depth steps that you can do right now to improve your situation and make you feel better and more confident.

In this powerful wealth-generating plan and life guidance manual, you will learn:

How to change your mind-set to think like the upper class, which dramatically increases your probability of getting rich
What is a fail-safe wealth generation plan used by the rich to guarantee positive results with compounding returns and optimum investments
What are the key personality traits that determine whether you will be a high-class or low-class individual
How to set goals like the upper one percent of people and achieve them
How to retire in style while you’re still young
What is some advice the wealthy don’t want you to know
How to avoid the blame game and take personal responsibility
How to charm anyone you meet authentically
How to dress for success
How to fix relationships, be a better spouse, and get along with all types of people
How to get famous, find recognition, and position yourself with branding

Don’t miss out on this chance to start living your dream life and fulfilling your dreams of finding success and being happy.

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5 December
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