Classroom Management: This Book Includes: Classroom Management Success + Classroom Discipline: Sorry, Dudes…I Teach Like a Champion (Student Engagement Tools) (Unabridged‪)‬

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If you are a teacher who is tired of having to fight with rude, overbearing, aggressive, demotivated, inattentive students, and with their parents on the side...then keep reading. 

Probably if you are reading these lines, the mere thought of having to enter that class again makes you shudder. 

Dealing with certain students can turn your smile off in a few seconds, unjustly sending your whole day up in the air.

Feeling attacked by some students who should be showing you the right respect can be one of the most frustrating (and embarrassing) things that can happen to you.

Being rigid and strict is no longer the right solution.

Today's students are not easily impressed….

But if you want to teach like a champion, Logan Reynolds can give you the solution, so you can finish your lessons with a big smile.

You’ll discover:

Classroom Management Success:

Why you should smile on the first day of school 
The biggest first day of school mistake you can make 
How to build rapport on the first day of school 
How to create a positive learning environment 
A simple way to build rapport with difficult and disrespect students 
How to avoid angry parent complaints 
Simple and effective powerful classroom management strategies 
Ways to have more authority 
What to do when you realize you've lost control of your class 

Classroom Discipline:

What restorative justice is and how you can exploit its benefits
What skills will help you achieve proper class discipline
What principles to work on to improve the discipline of your students
How to build a bond with your students
How to help students own their problems and identify solutions
How should schools involve parents

Even if you think that you are dealing with the worst class on the face of the Earth, this guide will turn it into the most docile and polite in the whole school.

Jason Sullivan
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19 April
Simone Vigna

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