Contamination: Zombies are Human, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

From New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Jamie Thornton comes a stunning survival series that has listeners raving about its dark and gritty thrills. Powerful enemies, twisted memories, a government willing to do anything for control....

Once upon A Time a Plague Ended the World.

A single drop of blood is all it takes to begin changing you. Sometimes the blood fills you with rage, but sometimes it does...something else.

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When a new virus unleashes violence that devastates 18-year-old Corrina's neighborhood, all Corrina can think about is surviving. But when the boy she loves is kidnapped by a group of government soldiers, she must team up with a strange group of street kids to save him.

Interview with the author

Q - What makes the Zombies are Human series special?

An epidemic ravaging the human population. A world spiraling into chaos. People doing whatever it takes to survive. I wanted to write something I would love to read. I've always been drawn to the post-apocalyptic genre and thought about end-of-the-world books I’ve loved - Stephen King's The Stand, Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower. But also recent stories like The Girl With All the Gifts, The Passage, and even Stranger Things. I’ve always found stories with big epidemics/events that reinvent the world so thrilling. I also love getting into some of the science, like the genetic engineering, that would make the situations plausible.

Zombies are Human gives you some of that classic Walking Dead zombie fare, but...without giving too much away...I guarantee you've never read a zombie series like Zombies are Human before.

Even though my cast of characters are teenagers I’ve definitely had plenty of adults write me about how much they’ve enjoyed the series. I think Zombies are Human hits the sweet spot of older young adult that will appeal to plenty of adults too.

No matter what your age, the Zombies are Human series is designed to keep you furiously listening for hours.

Q - What order should I listen to the books in?

I think the complete series would be most enjoyable in the following sequence:





Q - Why should people give these books a try?

The prequel hit number five on the New York Times and number eight on the USA Today best seller lists. I've gotten tons of emails from readers letting me know how much they loved Zombies are Human (stay-up-all-night-even-with-work-the-next-day love). But more than that, as a reader myself, I am always looking for the next Stranger Things, The Passage, The Girl With All The Gifts. That's the kind of story I hope you'll find in Zombies are Human. Smart. Dangerous. Gritty. With rip-your-heart-out intensity (literally and figuratively in some cases).

Jamie Thornton
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13 February
Igneous Books