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Welcome to the battle against information overload!

How come there are successful people and ordinary citizens at the same time? 

How is your decision-making mechanism? 

Do you take unnecessarily long time to arrive at a decision?

Do you always end up with wrong decision?

How do you justify the existence of geniuses?

Without a map, you will get lost in the wilderness.

Mental models will function like maps to direct the mind. It is high time you took time to understand a defined map in solving your problems faster alongside critical thinking and concentrate on what matters a lot.

Do not be fooled again. Get the confidence to instantly solve your problems. When you’re evaluating how best to overcome or resolve a situation, the more resources you have to hand, the more easily you’ll be able to reach a positive conclusion.

By the time you are done with this guide, you will be familiar with:

The definition of mental models and critical thinking and why they are important
The difference in reality, perceptions, and beliefs that make up the major mental models
The 16 qualities to develop as a creative thinker
Hacking the concept of cognitive bias, the causes, breakthroughs, and the 10 logical fallacies
How to positively visualize and make use of the immeasurable power of creative thinking
Mental models to enhance their functionality and happiness
The six habits to embrace for mental toughness
And much more...

Mental models influence how we think and our interpretations of every event in life, while influencing the opportunities and connections we see as viable and available. 

While nothing is guaranteed in life, there is still something to be said for understanding as much as we can about the human thought process, the patterns it follows, and how you can use that to improve your odds of success.

Make a permanent change in your life, listen to this audiobook, and find out how creative thinking and mental models will bring the desired change in your life in a short time.

Science & Nature
Chris Del Camino
hr min
September 15
Tons of Tomes Ltd