Crocalypse: Sam Aston Investigations, Book 3 (Unabridged) Crocalypse: Sam Aston Investigations, Book 3 (Unabridged)

Crocalypse: Sam Aston Investigations, Book 3 (Unabridged‪)‬

    • £10.99

    • £10.99

Publisher Description

Jurassic Park on steroids!

The world's greatest theme park has a new main attraction!

When on old friend calls for help, Sam Aston returns to the home town he tried to leave behind. It soon becomes apparent there is something loose in the rainforest, and everybody wants a piece of it. Aston and adventure television show host, Jo Slater, find themselves in a race against local criminal elements, environmental extremists, and mysterious mercenaries to find the creature before it kills again. Sam enlists the aid of his old rival, park ranger Rusty Crews, and Ned King, a naturalist with a flair for self-promotion, who would like nothing better than to find the perfect main attraction for Crocalypse, his new bio theme park.

Crocalypse - An action-packed monster thriller with bite!

Adventure, Science Fiction, and Horror converge in the Sam Aston Investigations series by the USA Today best-selling author of Loch and the Australian Shadows Award winning author of The Roo! 

Praise for The Sam Aston Investigations! 

Crocalypse is Jurassic Park on steroids!” (Melissa Bowersock, Author of the Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud Mystery Series) 

"The team who took aquatic terror to new depths are turning their talented attentions to caves deep below the Antarctic ice, where ancient carvings and strange symbols have been found, as well as a potentially invaluable crystalline energy source... it's is part At the Mountains of Madness, part The Thing, part Aliens… it’s another summer blockbuster waiting to happen, full speed ahead and damn the special effects budget. Also, no sheep were harmed in the making of this book (that I know of)." (Christine Morgan, The Horror Fiction Review)

"A great adventure story mixed with a creature feature! A book that grabbed my attention early and held on!" (Brian's Book Blog)

"Renegade marine biologist Sam Aston is back for a second outing in what is shaping up to be a must-read aquatic adventure series! Danger and intrigue lurk both above and below in this action-filled, white-knuckle romp with a breathtaking conclusion!" (Rick Chesler, author of Sawfish)

“Everything you’d want from a monster story – great characters, a remote location and a creature with bite! Mixing history and lore with science and action, David Wood and Alan Baxter have penned a thriller that is hard to put down.” (Jeremy Robinson, author, Island 731)

“Bone-cracking terror from the stygian depths! A creature thriller that is both intelligent and visceral. I could hear the Jaws soundtrack playing on repeat, although that might have been my heart pounding.” (Lee Murray, author, Into the Mist)

“One of the best, the most thoroughly delightful and satisfying, books that I've read in quite some time. A serious out-of-the-park type of home run hit.” (Christine Morgan, The Horror Fiction Review)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Jeffrey Kafer
hr min
16 May
Gryphonwood Press