Dan Dare: The Audio Adventures - Volume 1: Voyage to Venus, The Red Moon Mystery & Marooned on Mercury

Richard Kurti and Others
    • £18.99

    • £18.99

Publisher Description

This collection includes the first three stories from season one of Dan Dare's Audio Adventures and the feature New Worlds, containing the work of film composer Imran Ahmad.

Voyage to Venus

Brilliant test pilot Dan Dare is chosen to fly the Anastasia - a new experimental spacecraft - on its maiden voyage to Venus. This isn't exploration - it is to make first contact with a mysterious civilisation that has sent technological secrets as a goodwill gesture. However, what Dan, Digby and Professor Peabody find on Venus isn't goodwill but a terrifyingly intelligent, coldhearted ruler, the Mekon. A creature destined to become Dan Dare's nemesis - and Earth's greatest threat.

The Red Moon Mystery

Unable to return to Earth, Dan Dare and the crew of the Anastasia head to Mars, where Dan's estranged uncle Ivor is part of a team working on a top-secret archaeological dig. But when they find the base wrecked and the scientists missing, Dare, Digby and Professor Peabody soon discover that the Red Planet is not nearly as dead as everyone thought and that Ivor's expedition has woken an army of deadly insect creatures that threaten to swarm the Earth. Dare must stop the aliens, but can he resort to genocide in order to save the human race?

Marooned on Mercury

When a distress call summons the crew of the Anastasia to the wilderness of Mercury, they are reunited with their old ally Sondar. He tells them of the beleaguered Mercurians who are held in thrall to the Mekon! The exiled Mekon is rallying his forces, plotting a desperate revenge against his former home world of Venus and his hated enemy, Colonel Dan Dare!

New Worlds - The Music of Imran Ahmad

Includes the work of film composer Imran Ahmad, who previously worked with B7 Media on the award-winning The Martian Chronicles. His credits include the background music score for the critically acclaimed road-trip zombie movie The Dead and its sequel, The Dead 2: India and the 2015 thriller Never Let Go.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Ed Stoppard
hr min
10 May
B7 Media

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