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Not too long ago, the only people who were actively involved in stock market trading, day trading, and the likes were the major players such as financial agents for big financial houses. The information revolution brought about by the internet has made stock market trading, day trading, and the likes so easy that you can conduct trade with the aid of a personal computer or from your mobile phone.

Today, you do not need to be a stockbroker or hold one of those big investment titles to qualify as an investor; the average man can be his own investor. Day trading is one of such investment opportunities that has profited from the explosion of the world wide web. Day trading is in today's world getting increasingly popular among investors. This is because day trading is such a lucrative and high-profit kind of trade, but it only shows this marvelous side and rewards investors who conduct day trading the proper and smart way.

As an amateur, it is easy for you to lose interest in day trading and for you to find it challenging and quite difficult. This is an okay thing to feel; learning about day trading can be quite strenuous and tiresome. Almost everyone feels this way but hang on and learn properly because you are not just learning a skill, but a high-income skill. For amateurs without a plan for learning more about day trading, its secrets and known strategies that work for other day traders, then there is no point going into day trading except you enjoy losing money more than you enjoy making money. Even day traders with a wealth of experience and successful history behind them still lose money when trading.

As a beginner, do not worry about the process and the steps to follow. This audiobook will help in understanding all that, and your success is guaranteed. At this point, you know what day trading entails, the skills needed, the mistakes to avoid, what to buy, and when to dispose of. By now, you know of the strategies and approaches that are the best to follow to be successful in this trade and the trading that is profitable and how to be successful. The tips and tricks that were given will come handy and will guarantee that you make the best decisions.

We hope that the main tools that are used in day trading are well-illustrated. This is because they will really help when trading as they are coupled with the tips and tricks. Practice money management when you start earning from trading and use the apps highlighted to day trading easy. This audiobook gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

How day trading works
Ways for finding the right stocks to trade
Day trading tools
Steps for opening up a brokerage account
Strategic planning for options trading
Market analysis
Candlestick patterns
Trading cryptocurrencies
Risk and account management
Beginner’s mistakes to avoid
And more!

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John William Cantees
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June 3