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The ultimate guide on day trading has finally arrived! While anyone can make a few trades per day, and maybe even find some success while doing so, if you are interested in day trading on a serious level, then there are many distinctive characteristics and traits that you should strive to embody on a regular basis. Likewise, there are certain strategies you should know in order to give yourself a fighting chance. If you are interested in doing more than simply surviving in the world of day trading, if you are looking to truly thrive, then Day Trading: The Ultimate Guide to Day Trading, is the book that you have been waiting for.

Inside you will find everything you need to up your day trading game as quickly and effectively as possible. This includes characteristics that all good day traders should possess and how to implement them in your own life. You will also find important tips and tricks to maximize your overall trade effectiveness, as well as frequently made mistakes and the easiest ways to ensure that you don't fall into their traps.

Inside you will find:

The importance of finding a way to motivate yourself without worrying about external stimuli
Tips for successfully choosing the right trade at the right time a statistically relevant portion of the time
The importance of timing and how to ensure you always choose the right time to enter or exit a trade
The five most important attributes for every successful day trader to have and how to implement them in your own life
The difference between the butterfly spread and the modified butterfly spread and when to use each for the best results
What value areas are and how to put them to work effectively for you
Why you shouldn't be trading options without considering hedging your trades
How scalping Bollinger bands can take your forex trading game to the next level while only increasing your risk a small amount
The best way to jump into futures trading while maintaining a reasonable level of risk
And more...

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Mark Smeltzer
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July 28
Andrew Johnson

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