Dealing with Emotionally Immature Parents: How to Handle Toxic Parents (Unabridged‪)‬

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How to overcome the effects of growing up with emotionally immature parents...

Do you feel you lost your childhood because your parents weren't ready to emotionally take care of a child?

Have you ever feel like you always have been the adult in your child-parent relationship?

Did you have to deal with self-centered parents who neglected your needs?

All you ever wanted was parents who listen to your stories, welcome you with open arms, and tell you how much they love you, no matter what you do.

Instead, you walked around on eggshells making sure none of your actions would upset or irritate your parents.

No matter how much effort you put into getting your parents' attention, you couldn't overcome the imaginary wall they built around themselves.

Even if you experienced anger, you suppressed this feeling or, even worse, you turned the anger against yourself and blamed yourself for your parents' behavior. The older you got, the more you started to suffer from the effects of your childhood.

By now, you are a grown-up, but you still live with the scars of your past.

Some of the most common coping mechanisms are living an isolated life, suffering from anxieties, or being stuck in dysfunctional and abusive relationships.

Many people grow up with emotionally immature parents. They all behave slightly different, but one thing - the number one thing - they have in common is that they don't accept their parental role.

You can't change your past but you can change your future.

Author and expert Priscilla Posey knows dealing with emotionally immature parents can be tough, especially if you don't have anyone who supports you.

Growing up dysfunctional due to poor child-parent relationship, Priscilla knows how it feels to suffer from the emotional baggage that is not supposed to be yours. Priscilla healed from her childhood trauma and became the self-confident person she was born to be. Now she wants to help others achieve the same fulfilling life.

Once you understand the root of your problem, you can create the happy life you deserve.

In Dealing With Emotionally Immature Parents, you'll discover:

7 signs of emotional immaturity to recognize emotional vampires instantly 
4 types of emotionally immature parents and which one you can relate to the most 
4 steps to heal from your dysfunctional child-parent relationship 
How a lost childhood shapes the person you have become 
If you are the perfectionist, the empath, or the people-pleaser and what your behavior says about your personality 
How to avoid and let go of other toxic relationships in your life 
Why you feel like a chameleon without identity and how to discover your true self 
Practical exercises to take care of yourself and your self-healing journey 
How to become a good parent for your own child
And much more!

You don't have to fully let go of your parents. Yet, you have to learn how to separate the person you love from the actions that hurt you.

It is hard to take action and strive for a fulfilling life if you just hit rock bottom. For such a long time, you tried to change the people around you or fix the toxic relationships you have been stuck in for so many years.

Now, it is the right time to start healing yourself instead of taking care of others.

If you are sick of the person you've become and you don't even know who you are anymore, then it is time to finally detach from your past and start the journey to yourself.

Following Priscilla's self-healing strategies will empower you to step out of your misery and right into happiness.

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Robin Howatt Shrock
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27 August
Priscilla Posey

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