Desolation Desolation


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    • £2.99

Publisher Description

This is an Apple Books audiobook narrated by a digital voice based on a human narrator.

In the unforgiving depths of an EMP-inspired winter, where technology has crumbled, and society lies in ruins, a lone man emerges as a beacon of hope for a desperate mother and her two young children.

In the wake of a catastrophic electromagnetic pulse that has plunged the world into darkness, the trio must brave the icy wasteland that was once their home. Struggling to survive in a world stripped of its comforts, they embark on a perilous journey to find the missing piece of their shattered family - the father who vanished without a trace.

As they traverse the frozen landscape, they encounter relentless storms, vicious marauders, and a sense of isolation that threatens to consume them. The man, haunted by his own past, must lead the way, protecting them from the lurking dangers while grappling with his own demons.

As they draw closer to their destination, tensions rise, and the harsh reality of their situation tests their resilience. But amidst the desolation, the man's determination to reunite this fractured family ignites a flicker of hope within them all.

With every step, they uncover secrets that have lain dormant for centuries, revealing a world more enigmatic and treacherous than they ever imagined. As they edge closer to their ultimate goal, they find that survival is not their only concern, for they now hold the key to a power that could change the fate of humanity forever.

In a heart-pounding tale of survival, redemption, and sacrifice, this unlikely group must navigate the treacherous winter landscape, battling the elements and the darkness within, all while on the hunt for their missing father and the place they once called home. Will they find the strength to endure, or will the cold grip of winter claim them before they reach their destination? The answers await on their harrowing journey through the frozen abyss.

Apple Books
hr min
2 August
Chris Lowry