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If you have come across this audiobook, you have decided or are heavily considering incorporating a furry companion into your everyday life, or perhaps you have already taken the steps into introducing a new pup into your home and are looking for an easy-to-follow guide to teach your puppy basic commands and tricks! You have come to the right place!

Canine companions are great additions to any household! But there are many individuals who assume they have not received what they paid for or adopted. We are here to tell you that dogs do not come equipped with the proper training that make them become dependable and reliable right in your hands. With the addition of a dog, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pal doesn’t tear up your house or even you! No need to fret!

In this audiobook, you'll discover:

Detailed information about how to pick the right dog that has the personality and temperament to fit like a puzzle piece into your lifestyle.
How to prepare your home for introducing your new pup into your everyday living environment, including a list of supplies you will need to purchase beforehand.
A list of basic and obedience commands that you can begin to incorporate in your training process.
Training hacks, tips, and tricks that will make you the go-to dog owner on the block.
How to create and maintain a loving lifetime bond with your fluffy friend.
And more!

There is a little something for the canine cravers out there. Whether you are just venturing into the doggie world or you need to brush up on your dog training skills, this audiobook is a perfect fit for you! The addition of a puppy or dog into your life is an incredible decision, and just like a human child, dogs need love, time, and your devoted attention to thrive. What you give them, they will give back to you tenfold! It is of utmost importance that you learn the right ways to care for your beloved furry family member.

There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the world of canines. Just like human beings, each dog is different; each breed varies in more than just appearance, and it is an incredible learning process that you and your pal will take together. Whether you are an experienced pet parent or are brand new and intrigued by all there is to learn about puppies and dogs, this audiobook is a valuable resource if you ever become frustrated with your canine. Learn how to speak their language through action, and they will follow your lead.

Congratulations! If you decide to purchase this audiobook to add to your arsenal of canine information, you will be a big step ahead of the other brand-new pet parents and possibly even the ones who believe they are the best trainers of their family pets. It is time to prove them wrong. Good luck!

Joseph Tabler
hr min
22 February
Stefano Della Torre