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Would you like to master the art of personal magnetism and building meaningful relationships with people in your personal and professional life? If yes, then pay attention....

In today's highly competitive and confrontational world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to have worthwhile conversations, connect with other people, or disagree with differing opinions without flaring up in emotional outbursts that often accomplish nothing and only estrange you further from the goal you are trying to achieve.

Being emotionally intelligent in today's world is more important than ever, and if you're looking for effective tools and strategies to help you develop your emotional intelligence, then you've come to the right place.

An individual who knows how to effectively defuse stressful situations, communicate effectively and bring other people to their side will always be ahead of the pack.

In Emotional Intelligence, Alex C. Wolf pulls back the curtain on why the emotional quotient (EQ) might even be a better predictor of success than its well-known counterpart and help you discover how you can get emotions to work for you instead of against you.

In this guide, you're going to uncover:


The nine-point checklist to find out if you're emotionally intelligent
Ten foolproof ways to improve your emotional intelligence
The five main components of emotional intelligence
Eleven powerful steps to recognize your emotions and get it under control
The underrated power of delayed gratification and how to master it
Fail-safe steps to develop solid self-awareness
Four effective tips to help you understand others
Fifteen questions to help you determine your status in the workplace
The simple five-step method for quickly de-escalating and resolving conflicts
And much, much more!

Thoughtfully written and filled with persuasive case studies and anecdotes, Emotional Intelligence is a powerful guide filled with actionable advice you can use as soon as today to master your emotions and use it creatively to achieve your goals.

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Scott Frick
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March 29
Alex C. Wolf