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Have you ever noticed that people tend to unload all of their problems on you?

Are you too sensitive?

Do you fell oppressed by the unstoppable stream of others' emotions relapsing on you?

If someone close to you is uneasy do you feel it, too?

Are your feelings easy to hurt?

Well, yes sir, you are an empath....

This is you...this is your routine: Everyday living in the constant reception of people's emotions, developing an ocean of stress and anxiety. Due to the high sensitivity for the feelings of those around you, you end up caring for the needs of everyone else but your own ones. So focused on paying attention to the cry for help of your colleagues that you don't realize that they are exploiting your generosity and outclassing you on the workplace. So devoted to your partner's necessities that you don't see he is the only one taking advantage of the relationship. You are in dead end loop and, next thing you know, this is draining you inside. You need to stop this, break free from these parasites, and learn to manage your gift on your behalf!

It's all about knowing how....

And we have the recipe to make it real!

All you need is to develop a coping mechanism against these profiteers and understand that empath is your blessing and not your condemn.

You need to learn how to be assertive in order to make yourself heard and ward off emotional vampires.

My aim is to help you to reach physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance thanks to your capability, and make it stop overwhelming your days.

Just so you will start your stairway towards mastering your gift and living peacefully.

Thanks to this guide, you will learn:

How to control your emotions
How to live happy relationships despite the sensitivity
How to become extroverted
Ten secrets to be more assertive
Seven steps to drive away emotional abusers
How to set boundaries and prevent people you care for from overwhelming you

Thanks to our practical guidelines, you will be able to embrace your gift and no longer need to hide it. You will spread your wings, emanate your highest potential, and access the strength, love, and wisdom lying in your soul.

Do you need more? Do you think that listening to a simple book won't be the solution to your problems?

Don't worry about that! I took care of this, too!

In fact, this guide is provided of many concrete examples and practical exercises to train you to put into practice every skill you will acquire.

Here's all you need to realize your full potential.

Don't waste a single minute, start today your rebirth!

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Science & Nature
Kevin Harding
hr min
June 17
Daniel Spade