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From Frank Brady, who wrote one of the bestselling books on Bobby Fischer of all time and who was himself a friend of Fischer’s, comes an impressively researched biography that for the first time completely captures the remarkable arc of Bobby Fischer’s life. When Bobby Fischer passed away in January 2008, he left behind a confounding legacy. Everyone knew the basics of his life—he began as a brilliant youngster, then became the pride of American chess, then took a sharp turn, struggling with paranoia and mental illness. But nobody truly understood him.

What motivated Fischer from such a young age, and what was the source of his remarkable intellect? How could a man so ambivalent about money and fame be so driven to succeed? What drew this man of Jewish descent to fulminate against Jews, and how was it that a mind so famously disciplined could unravel so completely? From Fischer’s meteoric rise, to an utterly dominant prime unequaled by any American chess player, to his eventual descent into madness, the book draws upon hundreds of newly discovered documents and recordings and numerous firsthand interviews conducted with those who knew Fischer best. It paints, for the very first time, a complete picture of one of America’s most enigmatic icons. This is the definitive account of a fascinating man and an extraordinary life, one that at last reconciles Fischer’s deeply contradictory legacy and answers the question, who was Bobby Fischer?

Ray Porter
hr min
February 1
Blackstone Audio

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NineofWands ,

Endgame : Bobby Fischer

A very enjoyable listen : The American accent and pronunciation of the narrator Ray Porter lends an authenticity to this basically American story of Bobby Fischer's life. Although as a chess player I was aware of most of the events in this book, this biography puts his whole life in context and is not over sympathetic to the unusual character of Bobby Fischer. I may well buy the hardcopy now for my bookcase and I would strongly recommend this book to non chessplayers who would like an insight into the rather strange world of a rather strange champion chess player.

The only improvement to this reading I would make is to not continually spell out FIDE ( the international chess federation) and after the first reading use the common pronunciation of FIDE as a word eg in football FIFA is not spelt out when spoken.

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