Endgame - Episode 2 - "The Quickening" Endgame - Episode 2 - "The Quickening"

Endgame - Episode 2 - "The Quickening‪"‬

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    • £4.99

Publisher Description

This is an Apple Books audiobook narrated by a digital voice based on a human narrator.

Based on sanctioned leaks from the secret space programs themselves, and communicated through Corey Goode, their spokesperson, The Magnificent Seven "documents" the rollicking tales of the seven divisions of the secret space force.

I say "documents" because the leaked information is still very lean; meaning these stories, and this book, the first in the series, which recounts just one such tale, are based largely on the author's imagination.

Those who are among Corey's detractors, and believe he is disseminating falsehoods, may be offended at my pretense that these stories have any truth to them. If you belong to that camp, let me be more modest, and say that what you're about to read may well be 100% fiction. I certainly have no whistle blowers whispering in my ear that I can say for certain one way or the other. Which camp is right or wrong doesn't concern me in the least; as I don't deal in reality. It doesn't much interest me, even when it is as high flying as this. I believe, as Lewis Carroll did, that "imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality."

"Fact-based" talking points that originate with Corey Goode, when not quoted directly in the text, are recognized in the Author's Notes and/or in the Acknowledgments at the back of the book.

So, without further ado…

The timeframe extends from the early 2000s to our present day. The clock is winding down for both sides to achieve decisive victory. The predicted solar flare to end all solar flares looms on the horizon. With that solar flare comes God's judgment. Souls prepared for the opening of the gates of Heaven will ascend, along with the planet, to 5th density, or possibly higher. Those who are not will either be delivered to another third density world, or, they will face far worse: purgatory, or hell. It's a race to claim souls at this point—for both sides. And both sides will be judged. You can understand why everyone is feeling the heat.

For those on Earth, far away from the battles in space... The transition is not going to be any walk in the park.

Join us to see who lives and who dies—and why.

Crime & Thrillers
Apple Books
hr min
23 October
Dean C. Moore