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Three Enemies

Why are so many souls deceived and plunged into destruction? Because they will not think. Lack of thought is one of the most common sources of human misery. "My people do not consider." A thoughtless mind has the characteristics of that broad road which leads to destruction; while anxious inquiry, a solicitous concern, a serious consideration about eternal things are the first steps through grace towards that narrow way which leads unto life eternal. Give me, blessed Savior, a thoughtful, serious, reflecting mind; a deep sight into myself; a watchful eye over my spiritual enemies; an unshaken confidence in you.

From the word of God, I find that there are three powerful enemies, which are incessantly laboring to destroy my soul.

The first is the world. Being rescued from its snares, through the mighty power of God, it still seeks to affect my ruin: 1. By its smiles-hoping thereby to win me back again, and allure my poor, vain heart by its soft, seductive influence. This is a most dangerous temptation, and few withstand its force. 2. By its frowns - thinking thereby to terrify my soul, and cause me to renounce the faith of Jesus, rather than suffer affliction with the people of God for a season. Lord, strengthen my faith, and arm me for the combat. 3. By placing before my eyes its riches, honors, and pleasures to captivate my affections, and wean me from the unseen glories of a future world. Fatal temptation! "Demas has forsaken me," said Paul, "having loved this present era world." To withdraw the affections from the things of time; to sit loosely even to lawful enjoyments; and to wait with anxious desire for the signal of departure to a better world; is what unassisted nature can never perform: yet genuine religion consists in this happy state of mind. Lord, help me. Without you, I can do nothing; but, Oh! Glorious triumph, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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Glenn Langohr
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March 12
Glenn Langohr