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‘An urgent and vital call to arms that compassionately and forensically exposes the many ways criminal justice fails women, and offers practical and clear-sighted solutions’ THE SECRET BARRISTER

This is a book that calls time on the endless tide of violence against women and the failures of our criminal justice system to respond.

From barrister Harriet Johnson, Enough lays bare the appalling status quo of abuse against women in our society, offering an irrefutable case for why change is needed in policing and justice. Most vitally, it also gives a manifesto for how to get there.

With expertise, clear-sightedness and appropriate fury, this book helps us see where women are suffering – from homicide to domestic abuse to street harassment. It exposes the ways the criminal justice system lets women down – from officers failing to properly investigate to a lack of consequences when police behaviour is unacceptable, to backlogged courts and the realities of convincing a jury.

Addressing misogyny is to everyone’s benefit and the answers aren’t simple. Enough is the call to arms we can – and must – all get behind.


An Irish Times Book to Look Out For in 2022

‘Enough is an urgent and vital call to arms that compassionately and forensically exposes the many ways in which the way we do criminal justice fails women, and offers practical and clear-sighted solutions on how to inject meaningful change into a legal system built by men, for men. Powerfully argued and compellingly written, this is an outstanding debut from Harriet Johnson. It should be read by everybody involved in criminal justice’
The Secret Barrister

‘Our legal system is failing women. There is a powerful omerta against insiders saying so but things will only get better if they do. A brave and vital book’
Jolyon Maugham QC, founder of the Good Law Project

‘Comes the hour. Comes the book! Here it is – a brilliant, forensic exposure of why women cannot get justice. Harriet Johnson is a wonderful lawyer who captures with rapier precision the way law sustains patriarchy, fosters misogyny and blocks radical change. Women have definitely had ENOUGH’
Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, author of Misjustice

‘This book will empower the vulnerable and make the powerful empathetic. It’s the clearest, most compelling and urgent argument for change. We have so far to go – this book will help us get there’
Daisy Buchanan, author of Insatiable

‘A devastating analysis of how the criminal justice system is failing women and girls, why we need to talk about it and what needs to change’
Jennifer Robinson

About the author

Harriet Johnson is a human rights barrister at Doughty Street Chambers and a fierce advocate of women’s rights. She is a founder member of Women in Criminal Law, a trustee of the charity Women in Prison and in 2016 she founded #DoughtyStWomen events, a series of conferences to consider what more the law can do for women.

Harriet has given keynote legal addresses around the world, as well as speaking in the media about law and justice, particularly through the lens of gender.

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