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The in-crowd wears Gucci, but one girl wears her heart on her sleeve. When a chance meeting propels Bette into a new role as a party planner, she can hardly believe her luck. A job that pays you to party! Running with the cool Manhattan pack, gaining VIP access to the city's hottest spots, and meeting "everyone worth knowing" is a million miles away from the number-crunching and paper-pushing of her old banking job. Overnight, the greatest city in the world has become her sexy, late-night playground. But then everything starts to fall apart. Lauren Weisberger's first novel,
The Devil Wears Prada, was on the
New York Times best seller list for six months.

Laurel Lefkow
hr min
August 9
Audible Studios

Customer Reviews

ChippyMunkyyy ,

Everyone Worth Knowing

While i am not exactly skilled at reviewing publications or products, i can but try my best.
The short caption used to describe the book doesn't at all give away the story inside, i find it quite annoying being able to guess whats going to happen before i have read (listened to) it. With about 11 hours of listening, i thought it rather worth my money; Adding to that, the storyline hasn't been forced and seems to have a good flow of drama and normallacy. The book is read with an understandable American accent, as the story is set in New York. With some questionable voices applied to different characters, yet be-fitting intonation i find that overall, the presentation is largely favourable.I find the ending of the book to tie up all the loose ends created in the main story and delight in it thoroughly.
I would recommend it.

Tender Ronie ,

Too Long!

I waited and waited for something great to happen... it never did!



Dont waste your money.!!!! You're not missing anything by not purchasing this audiobook. The story line is: - Bet quits her bank job, has a gay uncle who finds her a job in PR, sort of gets involved with a handsom/popular guy, who turns out to be gay, also gives up this PR job when one event doesn't go too well for her, falls in love with a bouncer/doorman, who, in the end, opens up a resturant and becomes a chef....THE END... 13 hours of rubbish.

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