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In the first half of life, we are naturally preoccupied with establishing ourselves; climbing, achieving, and performing. But as we grow older and encounter challenges and mistakes, we need to see ourselves in a different and more life-giving way. This message of falling down - that is in fact moving upward - is the most resisted and counterintuitive of messages in the world's religions. Falling Upward offers a new paradigm for understanding one of the most profound of life's mysteries: how those who have fallen down are the only ones who understand up. We grow spiritually more by doing it wrong than by doing it right, and the disappointments of life are actually stepping stones to the spiritual joys in the second half of life.

Religion & Spirituality
Richard Rohr
hr min
May 24
Dreamscape Media

Customer Reviews

Sammi 🙌 ,

Mind opening

For Anyone challenged to open their heart and mind to a new experience with spirit

jv00001 ,

Remarkable insight

Enlightening, powerful, and nourishing. Having read hundreds of books on similar areas, this is easily one of the top ten.

Alexander jez ,

Common sense and dogma

I thought this book was on the whole good. I did get some insights from it but i didnt like the way it seems a little poisoned by christian dogma: the descriptions of your 'shadow' self sounded a lot like the idea of sin and hell. I dont think its healthy to think about yourself as being part evil. I prefer to see my ego as my selfish animalistic aspect, but not evil. I dont want any catholic guilt. This guy is a catholic and it shows.

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