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First lesbian sex has been on the top 10 list of women’s fantasies for as long as fantasy surveys have been conducted, and at Naughty Daydreams Press, we understand the allure of beautiful women exploring each other’s bodies. This collection of five scorching first lesbian experience erotica stories is sure to please! 

"Allison's Awakening" (A First Orgasm and First Lesbian Erotica Story) by Cindy Jameson

Allison has never had an orgasm, and after a particularly frustrating date, she calls an old friend to cry on her shoulder. The tears don’t last long, though, because Connie knows just what to do. Can Connie, Rachel, and Chuck give Allison what she wants so badly?

"Seduced at the Club" (A First Lesbian Sex with Friend Short) by Erika Hardwick 

Kirsten is a bit tired of her wild and sexy friend Wendy treating her like a prude just because she doesn’t walk around behaving like a complete and utter slut all the time! On the other hand, she does want to appear adventurous, so when her friend convinces her to go pantiless for their night out, she agrees. Of course, she didn’t know Wendy just wanted eager access to her friend’s pussy and that she’d be having her very first lesbian sex experience right at the club where anyone could see!

"The Lesbian Sex Foursome" (Julie’s First Lesbian and Group Sex Experience) by Nancy Brockton 

Julie and her friend Sonia are almost polar opposites, and nothing illustrates it more than when they go out. This time, they end up at a popular nightclub, and Julie is unaware that the two girls they meet there will introduce her to her first lesbian sex. The four of them end up at her apartment, though, and before she knows it, Julie is caught up in a reluctant lesbian sex foursome that doesn’t stay reluctant for long at all!

"Strapped" (A Very Rough Lesbian G******g Short) by Veronica Halstead 

Elisha is pledging a sorority, but she has trouble with one order. Even though she’s supposed to give up men during Hell Week, she just can’t keep her mouth off Joey’s dick! When she gets caught, the sisters decide to find out just how much she likes cock, and they have all the red, pink, blue, and black strap-on dildos they need to find out! It’s a rough g******g like you’ve never listened to before as only Veronica Halstead can write it with plenty of reluctance, humiliation, and an exquisite first a**l sex double penetration with sex toys!

"Jessica Gives Debbie Her First A**l Sex and Lesbian Sex Experience" (Jessica’s Backdoor Episode Five) by Debbie Brownstone 

Author Debbie Brownstone brings us a very personal erotic story, continuing the chronicles of Jessica, the woman who helped Debbie explore her own erotic a**l ambitions. In this story, Jessica introduces a friend to the joys of a**l sex. That friend’s name? Debbie!

Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various first lesbian sex encounters. It includes rough first lesbian sex, reluctant first lesbian sex, first lesbian public sex, first lesbian group sex, first lesbian threesome sex, and first lesbian sex seduction. It is intended for mature listeners who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

First lesbian sex awaits, so move that mouse and download your fantasy today!

Angie Hall
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November 16
Naughty Daydreams Audio