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The brand new, instant Sunday Times top ten novel from million-copy bestselling author Cecelia Ahern.

Five people.
Five chances.
One woman’s search for happiness.

Allegra Bird’s arms are scattered with freckles, a gift from her beloved father. But despite her nickname, Freckles has never been able to join all the dots. So when a stranger tells her that everyone is the average of the five people they spend the most time with, it opens up something deep inside.

The trouble is, Freckles doesn’t know if she has five people. And if not, what does that say about her? She’s left her unconventional father and her friends behind for a bold new life in Dublin, but she’s still an outsider.

Now, in a quest to understand, she must find not one but five people who shape her – and who will determine her future.

Told in Allegra’s vivid, original voice, moving from modern Dublin to the fierce Atlantic coast, this is an unforgettable story of human connection, of friendship, and of growing into your own skin.

Acclaim for Cecelia Ahern:

‘Cleverly constructed, full of flavour and moving’ Daily Mail

‘Touching, full of humour … life-affirming. Ahern writes with honesty and empathy’ Irish Times

‘As this gorgeous novel illuminates, life goes on, even in the wake of loss’ Nicholas Sparks, bestselling author of The Notebook

‘Beautiful and unexpected … both thought-provoking and life-affirming’ Sunday Express

‘Witty, provocative … it’s time to recognise Cecelia Ahern as one of our finest writers’ John Boyne, bestselling author of The Heart’s Invisible Furies

Cecelia Ahern’s previous novel Postscript was a Sunday Times bestseller w/c 16th September 2019.

About the author

Cecelia Ahern was born and grew up in Dublin. Her novels have been translated into thirty-five languages and have sold more than twenty-five million copies in over fifty countries. Two of her books have been adapted as films and she has created several TV series.

She and her books have won numerous awards, including the Irish Book Award for Popular Fiction for The Year I Met You.

She lives in Dublin with her family.

Amy McAllister
hr min
2 September

Customer Reviews

lesley9045 ,

Light, fun, entertaining

I had the 🎧audiobook version. I love the Irish accent, it’s what drew me to the audiobook. Especially liked the voice of the eccentric Pops.
A new author to me.

A young woman Allegra Bird is living in Dublin working as a traffic warden having failed to make the grade to join the Garda, her life’s ambition. She is a likeable jobs worth 😂
Her nickname is Freckles.

I like the light easy tone, with gentle humour interspersed with this everyday subject matter. It’s entertaining, it has a deeper philosophical layer.

One day an irate white privileged Ferrari owning male who has a collection of parking tickets issued by Allegra has a go at her saying you are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with, and judges her as wanting. It makes her question who the people are that motivate and shape her life.

Allegra’s story, is a slow burn, it’s touching and quite emotional in places. It’s a bit of a delayed coming of age story as she is in her mid twenties.

Fav quote ‘ you power tripping f**king wanna be Garda’ as this totally hits the nail on the head.

I really enjoyed this easy listen.

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