Freddy Valentine and the Soho Ghoul (Unabridged) Freddy Valentine and the Soho Ghoul (Unabridged)

Freddy Valentine and the Soho Ghoul (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • £2.99

Publisher Description

"Freddie Valentine is a mystery, wrapped in enigma, coated in a purple paisley veneer.

A record producer, a nightclub crooner, the onetime manager of the heavy metal band: Satan's Claw, the bastard son of an eccentric aristocrat, a dabbler in the dark arts, some or none of this might have been true.

It was the year 2013 but the man dressed in a purple safari suit, stack heeled boots, and his hair was a matted bird's nest of the Jimi Hendrix Experience variety. He spoke like an East End barrow boy, read trashy women's magazines and kept a budgie called Grayson."

Detective Chetwyn has a problem. He believes his chief superintendent might be vampire. He believes that Valentine might be one as well, and that he's going to be bumped off by Valentine's Polish hard-man Oneski.

John Vernon
hr min
17 September
David Chaudoir

Customer Reviews

Todd Landman ,

Dark and Quirky

This is a very dark and rather quirky novella full of deep British cultural references. Freddie Valentine is a cool character with a combination of a healthy dose of schmaltz and a penchant for the dark arts. There are surprises, twists, and turns, as well as rather graphic language and violence. Great narration, good accents, sound effects, and story line. Enjoyed it immensely.

Lala binx ,

Hilarious and dark

What a fantastic listen! The storyline was absorbing and both the narration and sound effects were absolutely perfect and added so much atmosphere to an already creepy and humorous story.

I feel like this would work so well as a TV show! It's hilarious yet genuinely scary and the characters are written and performed so well. Just honestly brilliant!

Anyone who likes creepy stories, tales from the crypt, 60s-70s horror comics will definitely love Freddie Valentine and the Soho Ghoul. Five stars from me.

Hames Jerbert ,

Highly original horror with a dark comical twist…

I really enjoyed this. The story was full of compelling characters and it carried plenty of sharp wit along the way. Along with the great mix of sound effects and narration, I found it completely effortless to become absorbed in the dark Soho underworld story line that continued to throw both horrific and comical surprise spins throughout. I would highly recommend listening whilst smoking a fine turkish cigarette…