From King, to Humiliated Sissy Slave (Unabridged) From King, to Humiliated Sissy Slave (Unabridged)

From King, to Humiliated Sissy Slave (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • £2.99

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Warning: This book contains domination and humiliation.

Cuckoldland was under attack. The King had given his orders to fight back, but it wasn’t doing any good. Their men were simply not strong enough. The invaders were much stronger and had a lot more soldiers than the King had. The women had long been sent away from the kingdom. When word first got out about the attack, King George had order all of the women to be taken to a faraway country for safekeeping.

King George watched the battle play out below him. When he realized there was no hope, he sent word by bird to his wife to never return. The kingdom was through. There was no hope any longer. He simple waited for the inevitable. It wouldn’t be long before the invaders made their way to his room and killed him.

However, the King was going to have a fate much worse than death. He would face humiliation, ridicule, and embarrassment. The few followers he would have left in his kingdom would see him as a completely new person. In his last decision as King, he chose to spare his own life to become a new ruler. One with much more class and a number of jobs that the King never thought he would ever have to face.

The invaders were of the curious sort. They didn’t do things as cut-and-dry as other attackers. They weren’t in it for the money or even for the glory. There was something that they liked a lot more than all of that, and the King was going to find that out firsthand. What was his life going to be like once he agreed to their terms? Only time would tell.

What were the terms of the invaders?

Would King George enjoy the new jobs that he would have?

Would all of the women stay in the faraway land like the King had ordered?

How would the kingdom of Cuckoldland fare with its new ruler?

Jackie Marie
hr min
18 February
Alicia Castelle