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Six years ago, I was doing well enough to finally afford my dream apartment. It was a studio apartment on the upper side of town. So, I had the job, the apartment, the money...but I was lonely. Very lonely and very horny. Not only would I get all hot and bothered from looking at all of the pretty women at work, but there were also plenty of hot women who lived in my building. Have you ever seen that show The Real Wives of New York? Well, that's the type of breed I had in my new building. All the women were at least 10 to 15 years older than me, all were married or recently divorced...and all were loaded. 

Of course, I was always far too afraid to approach any of these women. Sure I'd get glances every now and then, sometimes I'd even smile back but I always knew nothing would come of it. I'm a wimp. I always have been and I always will be. Even though I aspire to be your typical sexual alpha male, the truth is I'm far from that, in fact I'm quite the opposite. I'm afraid of women, attractive women in particular. 

Then one fateful Thursday night, I saw her. It was love at first sight; well it was for me at least. I was just checking my mail when she emerged from her apartment: Barbara Sheelings. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She was an enticing and captivating woman in her mid-40s. I was in awe, staring at her, admiring her beauty. She was tall, very tall, with tanned olive skin, thick jet black hair, high cheek bones, brown almond-shaped eyes and a figure to die for. She knew she was “hot stuff” giving out this aura. 

Warning! Contains intense BDSM & forced sissy feminization! A man becomes a sissy sex slave to an aggressive dominatrix who makes him do all of her kinkiest fantasies and of course cleaning up after her.

Kim Nicholas
hr min
March 1
Alicia Castelle

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