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Audiobook 3 of the Dark Imperium trilogy. 

The destinies of primarch and Imperial Regent Roboute Guilliman and his traitorous brother Mortarion come together for the climactic battle of the Plague Wars.

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It's the throwdown you've been waiting for, as Guilliman and Mortarion work out 10,000 years of pent-up resentment in a clash for the ages.

The Story

The paths of Roboute Guilliman and his fallen brother Mortarion bring them inexorably together on Iax. Once a jewel of the Imperium, the garden world is dying as the plans of the Lord of Death to use it as a fulcrum to drag the stellar realm of Ultramar into the warp come to deadly fruition.

While Guilliman attempts to prevent the destruction of his kingdom, Mortarion schemes to bring his brother low with the Godblight, a disease created in the Cauldron of Nurgle itself, made with the power to destroy a son of the Emperor.

Primarchs clash on the ravaged landscapes of Iax. The gods go to war and the wider galaxy balances on a knife-edge of destruction. As something powerful stirs in the sea of souls, only one thing is certain – no matter who wins the last great clash of the Plague War, the repercussions of victory will echo through eternity.... 

Written by Guy Haley. Narrated by John Banks.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
John Banks
hr min
May 29
Black Library

Customer Reviews

Markyboi1998 ,

Incredible conclusion to the series

This one the best Warhammer 40,000 book recently and has a lot of depth with a straight forward plot, the best bits are when roboute is front and centre, learning about him and his thoughts about how the imperium of man has changed and his views on religion is complex. The fights and action is well told and the main characters get a good amount of time.

Not that many cons in the book maybe mortarion is kinda cartoonish for a villain but he serves a purpose and is a threat still

Overall I’d recommend the book it’s a incredible listen n read, a must read

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