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If you are looking to get pregnant or are newly pregnant, this audiobook will give you a wealth of information about what to expect in each stage of your pregnancy.

This audiobook will also tell you exactly what you need to eat in each stage of your pregnancy, as well as what to avoid.
This audiobook will give you everything you need to know and more when it comes to your pregnancy.
This audiobook will show you the way, from one mom to another.
This audiobook includes things to keep in mind when it comes to pre and postpartum stages as well.
This audiobook contains a guide to what to do if you need to combat postpartum depression through diet, to keep your breast milk healthy for your baby, and for how to get healthy quick if you catch a cold.

If you are a first-time mom, knowing what you can and can’t eat can be quite an overwhelming thought. With this audiobook, you have everything laid out for you in one place, broken down into the stages for you. It will walk you through every stage of your pregnancy, including the stages before and after your pregnancy.

We have all heard of the regular things to avoid during pregnancy like smoking and alcohol, but did you know that you should avoid cold-pressed juices as well? There is plenty of this kind of information and more contained in this audiobook, and this will teach you many things that you need to know when it comes to your pregnancy diet, and exactly what you should be avoiding in order to ensure your baby develops and grows healthily and with the most success possible.

Listening to this audiobook will allow you to face pregnancy with all cylinders firing and avoid accidentally ingesting or doing something that you actually should not. You can never do too much preparation for pregnancy, and this audiobook will guide you through every step of your preparation as well as the process from conception to birth and beyond.

Katrina Ramos
hr min
July 29
Jacopo Socini