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Have you ever dreamed about having your own mushroom farm where you cultivate your fungi? Or, perhaps, you thought about eating freshly harvested mushrooms for free because you cultivated them? Or, maybe, you were considering selling your mushrooms and make your mushroom farm a profitable business where you only have to worry about how great your mushrooms taste?

Did you know that you can materialize these dreams and turn them into a nice reality, which will, in turn, make for amazing meals and maybe even a nice income?

If you answered yes, to any of these, then this audiobook is perfect for you!

Not only will it tell you everything you need to know about how mushrooms grow around the world, but it will also give you a glimpse of what a mushroom farm does, how they come to achieve this, and how you, too, can become an expert and set up your indoor or outdoor mushroom farm in no time.

If you want to know more about growing your own mushrooms in your future farm, but you are not ready to start practicing how to grow fungi, then don't worry! This book will answer any questions you are likely to have before you embark on the adventure of growing your own mushrooms and having your own mushroom farm.

This audiobook will give you the right tools to have successful and high-yielding mushroom production. Discover everything you need to know about mushrooms, including:

How they grow
Why they grow in certain areas and in certain shapes
What conditions they need in order to thrive
The best mushrooms for you to grow
Indoor or outdoor? We’ll help you decide.
What you need to do before, during, and after you set up your indoor or outdoor mushroom farm
How to product the greatest yield
A few handy recipes and cooking ideas for your home grown mushrooms
Much, much more!

Are you ready to start this journey that will completely change your life? Because, trust me, it will! Once you realize how good it is to eat something you have harvested from your garden (or even from an indoor area), it will be your new adventure from start to finish!

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Claire Natale
hr min
August 31
LJP Publishing LLC