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★☆ Do You Find it Hard to Sleep Sometimes? Worried that it is a Symptom of a Much Worrying Illness? Continue Reading... ☆★

Forget about medication and tea. The real secret of a good night sleep, is meditation. Changing the lives of millions around the world, meditation proves to be the best exercise to perform before going to bed. At the end of day, your mind feels overwhelmed with stress, fatigue, and worries. When you fall asleep while still having all those thoughts swimming in your mind, your brain won’t rest properly, due to overthinking. Ever had the feeling of waking up more tired than before before going to bed? Well… that’s the reason why. You need to clear and quiet your mind before going to bed, and meditation is definitely the right way to do it.

Did you know meditation is a proven treatment for insomnia, as mentioned on the Harvard Health Blog?

It's impossible to mention all the benefits that come from meditating, but researches show that by practicing meditation you can reduce the risk of coronary disease by 87% and the appearing of cancer by 55%. It's also proven to be extremely effective against stress and anxiety. As a plus, you become stronger, more confident, focused, and productive. The world around you is blessed with your inner light.

“The Things About Meditation is: You Become More and More You” – David Lynch

The book ‘Guided Meditation for Sleep’ has an incredible value. While meditation can be wonderful and bring multiple benefits when properly done, it can also reveal to be difficult for some people that find it harder to concentrate. With this book, you will learn how to perform a guided meditation, which means your meditation will be aided by simple instructions that lead your mind to where it should be. 

Juliana Alexander
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1 February
Summareads Media