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Clarity Meditations Your Children Will Love

Do you want to help your children feel more confident, creative, and relaxed?

Guided Meditations for Kids is a guided meditation book intended to be used by children, to increase self-confidence and guard against the stress of their daily lives.

There are 11 guided meditations that walk children through a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques, including visualization, body awareness, breathing techniques, and tools for relaxation. 

These techniques and tools can be used by both parent/caregiver and child for the rest of their lives, as research has demonstrated that daily meditation rituals protect against stress and other negative health outcomes such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia. 

Here are some of the takeaways from this highly invaluable guided meditation resource for children:

How to increase the power of their imagination and creativity through powerful fantasy-like guided imagery. 
A step-by-step imagery script that can help you take your child in unknown yet much-desired lands.
Help children learn relaxation while building self-esteem and reducing stress
Settings that vary from outer space to floating dandelions to smiling rainbow hearts (everywhere that children love to be).
How to start and end guided meditation sessions to help the child benefit optimally from it.
Keeping your child engaged and hooked throughout the meditation session by using kind words.
Encourage children to be who they are, and create kindness all around.
And much more....

The guide will instruct your kid to relax specific muscles in the body until they are comfortable, and will then lead you through visualizations and mental images, often of dissipation of past events or healing light. The guided meditation scripts provided can be as long as several hours or as short as a few minutes. Either way, the purpose is to achieve physical, emotional, mental healing, and stress relief. 

If you want to take the first step toward helping your child enjoy the munificent benefits of meditation, scroll up and click the "Buy" button to download your script today!

Kids & Young Adults
Patricia Chapman
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June 21
Glenn Olsen-Kerr