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His Master’s Voice

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Publisher Description

Robert Hardy stars in this political satire from the writer of Absolute Power and In the Red

Media mogul Lord Malan is the billionaire owner of The Blue Touch Paper, an old-fashioned, hard-right weekly magazine with traditional Conservative values. But the paper is so true blue, it’s losing its touch. Sales are falling and circulation is down – mainly because its core readers are either on the brink of death or foam-flecked with rage. It’s time for a new editor, and political commentator Anna is sure she’s a shoo-in for the position.

Much to her disappointment, however, Malan picks a different candidate: Keith, the Guardian’s token Tory, who champions compassionate Conservatism. Nicknamed ‘Toynbee’, he’s tasked with turning the paper around. If he doesn’t succeed, he’ll be out of a job – and Anna and her friends on the Tory back bench are determined to make sure he fails… With the help of the rest of his team – PA Katrina and posh gossip columnist Giles, a.k.a. ‘Louche’ – can Keith set The Blue Touch Paper alight, or will his career fizzle out like a damp squib?

Created and written by Mark Tavener in collaboration with Steve Punt, this sparkling sitcom was his final radio series before his death in 2007. It stars Robert Hardy as Lord Malan, Tony Gardner as Keith, Amelia Bullmore as Anna, Michael Maloney as Giles and Rachel Atkins as Katrina.

Written by Mark Tavener and Steve Punt
Produced by Dawn Ellis

Lord Malan – Robert Hardy
Keith – Tony Gardner
Anna – Amelia Bullmore
Giles – Michael Maloney
Katrina – Rachel Atkins
Beverly – Saskia Wickham
With Beth Chalmers, Simon Treves, Eve Webster and Stephen Critchlow

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 4-25 July 2007

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Robert Hardy
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25 July
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