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From the master storyteller, Ken Follett, Hornet Flight is a startling thriller set amidst the Danish Resistance.

It is June 1941 and Denmark is under German occupation. On the rocky coast of Denmark, two brothers, Harald and Arne Olufsen are straining against the rigid confines imposed by their elderly parents. Meanwhile, a network of MI6 spies is attempting to decipher an encrypted Luftwaffe radio signal which mentions the new Freya-Gerät – a rudimentary form of German radar equipment. Arne's relationship with Hermia Mount, an MI6 analyst draws him into underground politics, putting him under surveillance by the Danish security forces – and by one man in particular who has a personal motive to see Arne fall.

It is only a matter of time before the brothers' paths converge in a united effort to overcome the Nazis. A disused Hornet Moth biplane is their only means of getting a vital message to the British . . .

Nigel Carrington
hr min
May 22
Pan Macmillan

Customer Reviews

Danish Listener ,

One of his better books

Good story and good hero(s). A bit of reality to give it extra spice.
As a Dane I laughed at the pronunciation of the towns and streets, but I enjoyed the characters and the story.
Reality is that Danmark was embarrassing slow at building up the resistance, only rectified when they in about a week or so managed to get all the Jews out of the country (though several had to pay for it ).
The Peter character though slightly extreme is also realistic, as part of the police worked with the Germans to "keep order", at least in the beginning if the war.
Later they were all sent to concentration camps when things turned, and the Germans took over completely. (some policemen escaped with the help if the resistance. Ironic isn't it. )
The story kept me awake till 2am.