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There's no point having a mind if you never change it

In his bestselling How To Be Right, James provided an invigorating guide to how to talk to people with bad opinions. And yet the question he always gets asked is 'If you're so sure about everything, haven't you ever changed your mind?'

In an age of us vs. them, tribal loyalties and bitter divisions, the ability to change our minds may be the most important power we have. In this intimate, personal new book, James's focus shifts from talking to other people to how you talk to yourself about what you really think. Ranging across a dazzling array of big topics, cultural questions and political hot potatoes, James reveals where he has changed his mind, explains what convinced him, and shows why all of us need to kick the tyres of our opinions, check our assumptions and make sure we really think what we think we do.

Coloured with stories of changing minds from the incredible guests on his podcasts and callers to his radio show, and spanning big ideas like press regulation and brexit, through to playful subjects like football and dog-ownership, How Not To Be Wrong is packed with revelations, outrage, conversations and lots of humour.

Because in a world that seems more divided than ever, if you can't change your own mind you'll never really be able to change anyone else's.

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James OBrien
hr min
22 October
Ebury Publishing

Customer Reviews

AJW1962 ,

Thoughtful, heartwarming/breaking, inspiring

I think even if you are aware of Mr O'Briens work this book will still surprise you. The raw honesty, the willingness to open up, in a way that I think is intended to help others, is wonderful.

Ricky10 ,

Terrible recording!

Got 5 minutes in and had to stop listening! Sound quality is horrendous. James did you read this into your phone on the toilet??

I’m sure the content is good but as an audiobook it’s incredibly poor. James you need to get in a studio and re record this asap


Cannot get on with this way of writing.

As a big fan of James- I have listened for many years now. I just can’t get on with his books (audiobooks in this case) the problem I find is when he constantly quotes his shows conversations and little sayings that we’ve all heard before.
The main bug bear for me is quoting the whole conversation that he’s had with a caller. I don’t want to hear what I’ve already heard when I listen to the show. I want to know James’ opinions without going into the past calls. To me it’s not a style I enjoy at all- why write a book full of quotes that many thousands of people have already heard??
One section I did relate to in a big way was his section about his relationship with drink, grief and dealing with issues. This really did hit home for me and I want to thank James for his honesty in this section as it shows to me that there are others who go through this as well.

Unfortunately this audiobook isn’t for me and I hope in future books James will swing away from quoting show calls and will perhaps go into his inner feelings more as this was what I really enjoyed reading and related to.

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