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This is not an average love story where girl meets boy or boy meets girl, this is a love story of you loving yourself....

Self-love isn't an easy job. Do you know the moments when you are lying in your bed, your eyes start to water and all you think is “I hate myself“ or “I am worthless?“ You avoid mirrors and if you have to pass one, you feel heartbroken?

Deep inside of you, you know all of this is ridiculous, but you just can't get out of the hamster wheel of negative thoughts around yourself. Why? Because there is this weird thing in society where we are told that the more we beat ourselves up, the more we will achieve in life.

If you think about it, how does this make any sense to you? You are too beautiful, too special and too unique to hide. Every person no matter where they are in life right now, has a unique value to the rest of the world. Self-love is not selfish. It is selfish to not love yourself and hide your gifts.

Author and self-love expert Jennifer Butler Green has broken it down in easy to digest lessons that will make you love yourself like you've never done before.

Self-love can seem elusive or sound like another “2019 trendy word” celebrities like to use to make people, like you, feel even worse because you are not there yet. Everyone keeps on saying “I love myself“, “this happened to me“ but you still can't figure out how to make the whole concept of self-love work for you. No one answers the how question.

This is a self-love book that goes beyond buying a bath bomb at Lush. I have all the answers you need to the big “how“ question.

Even if you have no idea how love feels right now, you'll be able to build a Bonnie and Clyde relationship with yourself without any need to impress others.

In How To Love Yourself, you'll discover:

What is possible when you free yourself from self-criticism, blame and guilt, and choose love instead. 
How to still love yourself, even if you look like a burnt chicken nugget after a day of sunbathing. 
A simple prescription for happiness instead of stress and anxiety. 
How knowing your own self-worth has impact on how your daughter, your husband or your neighbor loves themselves. 
Why “one size fits all“ doesn't work for self-love. 
How self-love protects you from mental diseases such as anorexia and social anxiety disorder. 
How to become as confident as Angelina Jolie. 
How to boost your self-esteem in less than 30 seconds.
And much more...

If you have another one of those recurring mental breakdowns, then first remember that this book has the answer you've been looking for to finally find peace with yourself and build a healthy relationship with your body and mind.

Melany Robbins
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May 14
Jennifer Butler Green

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