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Have you ever wished you knew how to sweep a woman off her feet? Then keep reading. The truth is a lot of men don't know what to say to an attractive woman. You might feel like you have nothing to offer her. It might seem like everybody has a girlfriend but you. 

So, what's going on here? 

Why do some men seem to effortlessly exude charisma, confidence, and charm, while others never get any attention at all?
Why do some men show up with a new girlfriend every week, while others have never been kissed?

What's the solution? Fortunately, recent advances in evolutionary psychology, biology, and social science have shed some light on these questions and have helped to unlock the formula for charisma. 

The trick lies in understanding that the female brain was tuned long ago to look for certain characteristics. Her subconscious is always observing a man: taking note of his body language, his voice, his gaze, his words, and the way he carries himself. This is known as his nonverbal communication. And we've crammed everything you need to know into this audiobook. 

This audiobook will teach you how to develop magnetic charisma and confidence! 

You will learn: 

How to make a first impression that counts. 
The cure for never knowing what to say to a woman you just meet. 
The one conversation trick that's guaranteed to get her instantly interested in you. 
The evolutionary origins of confidence and anxiety.
How to utilize eye contact to seize a female's attention. 
How to avoid the dreaded friend zone. 

Even if you're not the best-looking guy in the world, that's okay. It takes more than a pretty face. As Casanova himself wrote in 1821, "I was not handsome, but I had something better than beauty - a striking expression - which almost compelled an affectionate interest in my favor. A most unwavering feeling of self-esteem...enhanced wonderfully my confidence in myself." Wouldn't it be great to have this amount of confidence and strength? Well, now you can. Ready to learn more? Then get the audiobook today!

Craig Jones
hr min
June 17
Brett Andrews

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