I Don't Take Requests

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The outrageously candid memoir from club culture's most beloved - and notorious - DJ, Fat Tony.

As one of club culture's most notorious - and best loved - figures, Tony is a complete force of nature.
Here he tells the most extraordinary stories of depravity and hedonism, of week-long benders and extreme self-destruction - and of recovery, redemption, friendship and the joy of a good tune.

'This is a story that should never have been told' KATE MOSS
'There is nobody in London, let alone the world who has lived a more extraordinary life... his journey from villain to real life hero is one of the most beautiful examples of humanity I have ever witnessed. I wouldn't be without this c*nt.' KELLY OSBOURNE
'Anyone can get a party started, but no one keeps it going like Fat Tony, the energy never dips and what a life he's lived.' ELTON JOHN & DAVID FURNISH

DJ Fat Tony has been described as 'the closest thing that club culture has to a national treasure' and the 'unlikely cult hero of quarantine'. Few people have crammed so many lives into one: when your first line of cocaine is aged 16 with Freddie Mercury, where do you go from there?

I Don't Take Requests is Fat Tony's breathtakingly candid and outrageous memoir of a life of extremes. From his childhood on an estate in Battersea where he honed his petty criminality, was abused by an older man and made friends with Boy George, to his teenage years spent parading the Kings Road in his latest (stolen) clobber, working as a receptionist for a prostitute, hanging out with Leigh Bowery and Sue Tilley and creating his drag persona, to his life as DJ to the stars and his spiral into serious drug addiction.

Now, he is 14 years sober and, alongside working to help others overcome addiction, DJing for everyone from Elton John to Louis Vuitton and the Beckhams - and running one of lockdown's most popular Instagram accounts with its wickedly funny memes.

It is all here in horrifying, glorious, heart-breaking detail.

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Tony Marnoch
hr min
26 May
Hodder & Stoughton

Customer Reviews

Leesa C ,

Absolutely loved this audio book. So honest and real! I’d love to meet Tony one day x

Real, honest, down to earth! Funny, crazy and sad. What a come back xxxx

gotobooks ,

Heart felt, made me really think about my life over the years

Such a real life eye opener, honest book, bonus that it was Mainly based on London, loved this, saddened, so saddened at times, laughed, squirmed and laughed, laughed so much, He is an a legend. Wonderful book...

ZingZingX54 ,

Great listen

2/3 of this book was a great listen. However the last third was dull and repetitive. Should of cut the last part down to a single chapter, then it would warrant 5 stars.

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