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The most complete instant pot cookbook with the most amazing recipes

For those of you who are tired of the tedious struggle of cooking in the kitchen and are looking for a better way to cook quick and easy meals, then the Instant Pot is for you! You know longer have to break your back spending hours watching a slow cooking Pot Roast. Just toss it into the Instant Pot, press a couple of buttons and your Roast is done in a matter of minutes. The revolutionary method of pressure cooking that the Instant Pot employ allows to prepare healthy food in an incredibly short amount of time.

The Instant Pot not only cooks fast, it cooks well; creating restaurant styled meals through precise pressure timed heating. And the Instant Pot is not just a cooking pot, this all in one device can also work to emulate just about kind of cooking apparatus you could think of. If you need a rice cooker, just press the rice button on the menu screen, and if you need to saute your veggies, or brown some meat just press saute. You can even turn the Instant Pot into a slow cooker by pressing the slow cook option.

This Pot utilizes its own unique brand of Smart Cooking Technology. Being the owner of this high tech cookware enables you to be tremendously more efficient no matter what you cook, but that's just one part of the equation. Because as good as the Instant Pot is, you need to know what to cook inside of it That's where this book comes in! Because like never before, this comprehensive cookbook highlights for you, step by step, detail by detail, some of the best recipes ever conceived for this new form of Instant Pot cooking

These recipes are straightforward and can be fully utilized regardless of your expertise or experience. Just follow the instructions to the letter and you can create fantastic soups, sides, main course meals, desserts, and breads. So go ahead and make use of this fantastic piece of cookware and this comprehensively composed cookbook so you can create your very own special culinary cuisine that is quick and easy and yes; ready in an instant

In this comprehensive cook book guide you will learn how you can:

Make Quick and Easy Breakfast Meals
Instant Main Course Meals
Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes
Create Unique Dessert Dishes
Cook Great Seafood
And More!

Get your copy of this amazing instant pot cookbook today.

Steve James
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July 11