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Investing and Trading Strategies: The Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Trade Forecasting System, Learn the Proven Methods and Algorithmic Strategies on How to Invest in Stocks Like a Genius

Anyone can become a successful trader. But in order to be successful in trading, you must work hard and put in the time and effort to learn everything you need to know to prepare. If you have the capital, no matter how small it is, it has the chance to earn big once you learn the successful and winning trading strategies.

In this audiobook, you will learn everything you need to learn about investing and trading so you can start so you can become a successful trader. You will learn how to pick the stocks to invest on and how to recognize buying and selling signals. You will discover the proven techniques on how you can manage your trading funds and build your portfolio. 

This audiobook will teach you about the following topics:
The Basics of Trading Trading Algorithmically Building your Circle of Competence Using Market Data for Choosing Stocks Transitioning to Technical Analysis Learning About the Bull and the Bear Markets Identifying Stocks that are About to Explode Picking the Stocks that Nobody Wants Common Beginner Mistakes When Trading
Trading stocks is a lucrative career if you know what you are doing so learning as much as you can is truly important. If you have always wanted to become a trader but had no idea how to start, this audiobook will guide you on how to get started. Scroll up and click “add to cart” now.

Business & Personal Finance
Cyrus Nilo
hr min
November 14
Eye On Sound