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Motivation is the key to all amazing results. Take this trip with this motivational recording with specially designed, unique sound waves to get you inspired. On these tracks Terry Elston speaks and seduces you into a new state, a state of motivation that gets you up and running for the day!

These tracks have been designed for a fun and upbeat start (or finish) to your day. There are sound messages of how to create motivation and some practices, too, yet all of this is wrapped in music and suggestion that will appeal to your subconscious mind!

The suggestions about motivation are coupled with brain entrainment waves to get the messages into your energy system. The sounds you hear have been specifically designed to assist your mind in absorbing the positive and skillfully placed words. If you want a really relaxing bath of sounds and words to take you into more confidence with motivation, this is for you. It can also be a beautiful present for a loved one.

Terry Elston is one of the most exciting transformational speakers to bridge the gap between beautiful, hypnotic audio tracks and instructional speaking. His products bear the quality that shines through his training as a master hypnotist and NLP specialist.

Terry H Elston
hr min
March 5
NLP World Ltd

Customer Reviews

Adsey ,

Recharges the batteries!

I love this motivating hypnosis audiobook - I’ve listened to it a few times now and I really find it charges my batteries up when I’m feeling a bit drained! Heavy things become light, more things seem possible. It is inspiring me to crack on with some things I’ve been avoiding too. Great!

CB678965 ,

New to audiobooks!

My morning commute is over an hour long and by the time I arrive at work I feel drained and uninspired. A colleague suggested that I try listening to an audiobook. Admittedly I was skeptical because I think of myself as a visual learner. I stumbled upon Terry H. Elston's 'It's Time For Motivation' and listened to it while in transit. I got into the office with a much-needed spring in my step and my day felt effortless. Terry's narration kept me attentive and set me up for success in my day. I'm excited to listen to some of his other audiobooks.

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