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Journey to the Center of the Earth is one of literature’s earliest works of science fiction. It vividly animates a fantastical subterranean world as an intrepid crew, led by the eccentric Otto Lidenbrock, traverses the planet’s core and its various bizarre obstacles: giant mushrooms and insects, a herd of mastodons, prehistoric humans, a treacherous pit of magma, and more.

Tim Curry, narrator of the customer favorite A Christmas Carol, returns for an encore performance that delivers a range of distinct character voices and captures the energy and enthusiasm of a time when scientific exploration was a brand new adventure.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Tim Curry
hr min
March 1
Audible Studios

Customer Reviews

Roo01 ,

A challenging task for narration

Mindful that this book was written for mid 19th Century sensibility, and as such is weighed down with a lot of lengthy passages of description, scientific theory, and dialogue that almost verges on the tedious, it all goes to show that Jules Verne knew his subject. The fantasy seems credible and he does convince you that such an expedition could be possible. He paints his scenes well and as such one can almost see the volcano, feel the cold, and even taste the food!

Being unabridged, it’s slow to get going, which can be tiresome in an audiobook but there is enough to hold the interest. This is a challenge for any narrator, especially with pronunciation, but Tim Curry’s performance is admirable, lending just the right atmosphere, allowing the listener to be drawn in.

Jack Woodgate ,

New life in an old classic.

I think I should start by contradicting the other review; All due respect to her, but I found that I was able to download and play the entire audiobook from this site.

Jules Verne's Classic is a pleasure to listen too. One even finds it fesible that it is indeed possible to gain access to The Earth's core (if one allows one's self to be swept along in the tale).

Also, Tim Curry's narration is a delight, adding vim and sly wit to what may have been a rather dry and dated narrative.

jennybeanxo ,

Alot of this is missing!

Very disappointed, bought this for a long journey and after 7 odd minutes it just went silent.
Was definitely not worth the money paid for it, will definitely think twice before buying from audible ever again!

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