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Have you just started the keto diet and are struggling with getting into that fat-burning state of ketosis? You feel you could do with all the help you can get for the ketogenic diet and maybe, just maybe, even get that secret recipe that gets you super fat-adapted fast!

Loads of folks are also in the same boat. Everyone gets onto the keto diet bandwagon because it just has that ability to burn fat naturally using your body’s own metabolic processes. But somehow the journey isn’t that smooth always, and the struggle to get into ketosis is real.

You have been tracking your macros and religiously keeping to your meal plan, yet the keto diet still doesn’t seem to work for you. Well, if you want to know how to hasten your progress to ketosis and enter fat-burning nirvana, then you have got to listen to this audiobook!

In this audiobook, The Step by Step Guide to Intermittent Fasting on the Ketogenic Diet, you will be getting loads and loads of value on how exactly intermittent fasting works with the keto diet to power your body’s metabolic state into burning away those pesky muffin tops and love handles!

On top of that, the audiobook will also give you the inside scoop on:

The two main problems most people encounter on intermittent fasting and how to effectively deal with them
The 10 things you have to have to make intermittent fasting a walk in the park
How intermittent fasting meshes so well with the keto diet and lifestyle
A complete, detailed 28-day guide to being both on the keto diet and intermittent fasting at the same time
The what, how, and why of intermittent fasting and doing this one thing extra to speed up fat burn
What to do when your fasting and keto lifestyle are stalling? And how doing this simple extra step will kick start it up again!
Meal plan yes included, plus also the how of meal planning. Create your own meal plans after picking this up!
The roots of intermittent fasting and why it may be more important than you think when you are on the keto diet!
And much more!

If you are looking to make your keto dieting easier and to succeed with that weight-loss target, then doing this combo of intermittent fasting and the keto diet will allow you to do just that!

There are no complicated steps or regimes to follow for intermittent fasting, just hop on it and watch the pounds drop! Ten pounds in two weeks - doable!

No guesswork, no cracking of your brain on thinking what to eat and when, the 28-day guide presents all that on a platter for you to just do it!

So, head up over to the top of the page and click on the "Buy Now" button to get started on this easy fat-burning journey now!

Betty Johnston
hr min
December 18
Will Ramos

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