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The Learn in Your Car language series is the first system ever designed to teach a language in your car...or anywhere...without a textbook. Simple and effective, you can learn to converse in another language while driving, walking, or doing tasks around the house. And now with Learn in Your Car from audible.com®, you can turn any mobile device into your own personal language tutor.

Each course is organized the way you learn best - by learning words and phrases - and building these into sentences and clear conversations. Arrange hotel accommodations, order in restaurants, change money, and feel more at home next time you travel!

The Learn in Your Car language series is:

Easy to use without a textbook
Prepared by dialect-free professionals
Available in levels for students of all abilities
Designed to teach grammar basics through recorded examples

Level 1 offers an introduction to key words, numbers, phrases, sentence structure, and basic grammar.
Level 2 teaches more challenging vocabulary, additional grammar, and targeted sentences designed to generate confidence in your ability to comprehend and converse.
Level 3 presents expanded vocabulary, advanced grammar, and more detailed sentences to extend your conversational skills.

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April 30
Penton Overseas, Inc.

Customer Reviews

mister.speakeasy ,

A highly useful, practical and painless introduction for the iPod generation

I used this course, together with the Berlitz Russian Travel Pack, Russian Linguaphone and the Living Language Basic Russian Course, to launch my study of Russian just over two years ago.
The Learn In Your Car Courses are ideal for the iPod generation. You hear the English in one ear, followed by the Russian in the other (repeated twice with generous gaps for you to repeat aloud).
The course is divided into a number of manageable lessons. Each lesson has a theme [whether 'Transport', or 'Important Concepts', or 'Speaking about the Past']. The course progresses from very basic words ['I', 'you'] delivered one at a time, gradually adding words until you are able to speak short phrases. The English will often come in two forms: the expression we use in English ['I have a house'], followed by the transliteration of the Russian ['to me a house'], so that you gradually obtain a grasp of the Russian sentence structure/grammar.
There is no commentary or explanation; you just put your headphones on and run with it.
If, like me, you want a practical and painless way of acquiring another language, this could well be for you; you will acquire a good aural sense of spoken Russian - and if you speak the words out loud as you hear them, with diligence and care you can acquire a pretty convincing accent.
You are acquiring the language in a quasi-natural manner. This method, of course, may not suit everyone.
I used to listen to the course whilst travelling to and from work; this is all 'free time', so to speak... and by just letting the soundtrack circle round me as I travelled, I acquired the language without a great deal of effort, frankly!
After two years using this [and the other courses mentioned above], I have GCSE Russian and AS Russian Grade As!
But take note! Russian is very difficult... and you will need to study a grammar book further down the track.

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