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Narrated with her trademark humour, warmth and honesty, Davina McCall shares her life experiences.

"I am a work in progress. There are times when I feel in control and like I know what I'm doing . . . and there are times (quite a few) (actually lots) when I've got no idea what's going on, where to turn, what to do, how to behave, and those are the times I've sought help!

I have been helped by some extraordinary people. I've been supported and counselled through my recovery from drugs and alcohol. I've been hypnotised to get me through my ultimate fears. I've read a squibillion (that's a lot) of fantastic self-help books and I have shared and shared with the greatest girlfriends and family of all time. These nuggets of wisdom have, at times, literally kept me going, so I thought I'd pay it forward and share them with you . . ."

In this long-awaited book, Davina McCall shares the tips and wisdoms learned on her 'work-in-progess' journey through life.

Warm, engaging, honest and generous, this book will make you laugh and cry in equal measure. Lessons I've Learned is the closest thing to a Davina hug and we all need one of those . . .

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Davina McCall
hr min
September 29

Customer Reviews

lscbkk ,

A joy

I listened to this whilst out working, so many little pearls of wisdom from a wonderful lady. Found it very interesting and sad it’s over!

Faye Shepherd ,

Hands down my favourite audiobook so far!

Well, what a surprise that was! Having listened to several audiobooks, mostly autobiographies, this one really does top the list. It's beautifully written and narrated by Davina.

She's had an incredible life, and it just goes to show that if you really want to, things can be turned around. There are some truly great life lessons in there- ones that I'm beginning to adopt. I'd quite happily listen to it again and again.

In three words:
Inspiring. Positive. Emotional.

Bloomin' brilliant!

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