Life After Death?: A Guide to Reaching the Unimaginable Wonders of Afterlife (Unabridged‪)‬

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When the "left" is in power, the "right" suffers, and vice versa. You may have wondered why there is this unbridgeable gap between the two sides.

I have come to the conclusion - and this is a point of my book Life After Death - that humanity was created to be bipolar in order to have never-ending conflicts that force us to think, which guarantees the evolution of the mind. The real point of my writing is, however, that one must eventually free one's mind from the role of being a "leftist" or a "rightist" and must be able to relate to the entire scale of reality, that is, one can not be a prisoner of ideological convictions.

I believe that only a liberated mind (soul) is considered worthy by the Creator to be saved and transformed to a higher form of existence. Most likely other criteria must be met, as well. Here is how I envision this transformation. As much as I have thought about it, this was the only way I could imagine my soul surviving the death of my body... and I might never have come to this realization without the knowledge of computer technology.

So: you - not your body, but your soul which is as immaterial as a file on your computer - are just as relocatable as a computer file. We are all bioelectronic files functioning in our bodies, as long as our body (the "hardware") can keep us alive. As I understand it, this bio-file (you or me) is about as superior to a computer file, such as a Windows operating system, as the Creator is to man, that is, incomparably. 

I didn't stop here because I was also looking for an answer to the question of what happens when a person becomes a "pumpkin” in old age (Alzheimer's, senility, etc.). The possibility I found was that our consciousness (our soul/bio-file) is constantly being saved - like text when we type on a word processor - so that what we already have can not be lost. The Creator will work with my best available file stored.

Michael Goldsmith
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12 October
Zoltan Bartok