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I'm not here to make anyone comfortable. I do not belong to the world. This audiobook is 100 percent the truth about real estate. The ugly, the beautiful, the pain-staking truth of my experiences in real estate through the lenses of a combat veteran struggling with PTSD sourced in deep childhood trauma. I'm a Marine who is extraordinarily good at making people money. This audiobook will show you how 100 percent of my original six “OGs” made more than $100,000 in a year after sticking with me for 18 months, how my sales team lead did it in less than 12, and how people are getting paid through our ISA program now while training to get their licenses.  

Throughout my life, while living in Section Eight Housing and woman's shelters and being a little person at the whims of fickle big people, I have watched three groups of people struggle while the same people get rich: women, minorities, and veterans. I am here to throw off the balance while giving everyone an extraordinary amount of value in this audiobook, even my nasty-ass haters.  

I have a gift; I understand people. I know how to help them. I can see intricate systems, relationships, and room dynamics extraordinarily quickly. I am an ENTP (Myers-Briggs) with a great grasp on NLP, and I have a very high IQ. I know it. This can make me a bit abrasive at times.  

If you are struggling with PTSD or anxiety (what the rest of the world is calling PTSD), there is advice for you here as well, as much as that may feel like the blind leading the blind.  

There is explicit language, explicit themes, and explicit content. We also talk about celebrities, television shows, music, podcasts, and artists I enjoy, including my celebrity muse, the goddess herself, Oprah Winfrey. And, of course, being a Marine and growing up poor, I have funny and inappropriate stories in spades; straight from the gutter!  

Last of all, if you are someone I called out in this audiobook - good. Come at me, bro.  

Business & Personal Finance
David Serpa, Zachary Bach, Katie Boucher
hr min
June 6
David Serpa