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Women have finally accomplished what two-millennia of men could not; the uniting of men from all backgrounds, races, and cultures around the world through MGTOW.

After 21 plus years of being a marriage coach and counselor, I came to the realization that I could no longer recommend to young men and old to get married. In fact, I awoke one morning knowing that I could no longer give any positive counsel; save for, “leave these angry women the hell alone”.

I felt then as I do now, that the so-called Radical Feminist Movement was putting the kibosh on everything loving I was trying to hold together in the marriage arena. What I found most funny was that every Feminist that tried to destroy the love between man and woman had in its own home marriage.

I came to view Feminism as little more than a new form of indentured-servitude for men with the tacit approval of the government in whichever country it had been allowed to fester and grow. It was on that day, that I decided to no longer help women enslave men but to reveal all of their secrets I had learned over those two decades in counseling. I would help men who were married, single or separated to untangle their lives from the women who were exchanging the tenants of love for hate. It was on that day that morning that I became one of the Men Going Their Own Way.

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Charles Rivers is a Southern California based relationship communication specialist and teacher. He is the author of, He, Lucid, Peace In Mind, Karma Shifts, Married without Baggage, The Good Marriage Maintenance Kit, How to Become Your Spouse’s Best Friend, Apocalypse Angel and Heart of the Marriage. He has appeared on television in support of marital love and spoken weekly on a radio show entitled, Relationship Thursdays. He is an army combat veteran and the winner of the Civilian Medal of Valor for bravery.

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Charles Rivers

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