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Raw, candid and hilarious, Ellie Taylor's My Child and Other Mistakes is the funny truth about motherhood and all its grisly delights.

My Child and Other Mistakes is the honest lowdown on Motherhood and all its grisly delights, asking the questions no one wants to admit to asking themselves - do I want a child? Do I have a favourite? Do I wish I hadn't had one and spent the money on a kitchen island instead?

Stand-up comic, broadcaster and actress Ellie Taylor is relatable, clever and interested in how women can have it all. Her honest, hilarious and moving account of the whys and hows of having a baby makes perfect reading for expectant mothers and fathers everywhere, as well as those who've been there, done that, and wonder how on earth they did.

In this very funny book she writes candidly about her own personal experience exploring the decision to have a baby when she doesn't even like them, the importance of cheese during pregnancy, why she took hair straighteners to the labour ward, plus the apocalyptic newborn days, childcare, work and the inevitable impact on life and love and most importantly, her breasts.

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Ellie Taylor
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22 July
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Customer Reviews

Siobhan5688 ,

Soooooo great

I have no idea why there are any negative ratings for this audiobook, totally baffled! Im 4 chapters in and I couldn’t relate more - I was recommended Ellie’s book by a friend and I’ve already recommended to EVERYONE I know! I’m 6 months pregnant and this audio book is just bloody brilliant, perfect time to be reading it. I spent my entire train journey this evening chuckling to myself, and it’s even encouraging me to go on long lunchtime walks to squeeze a listen in. Brilliant.

@hartie ,


Ellie Taylor is an absolute genius! After 14 hard months elbow deep in parenting, reading this book has finally validated my entire pregnancy and newborn experience. It’s tough, relentless and lonely but i laughed and reminisced my way through the entire book and felt a sense of contentment I haven’t felt since pre-baby days. Please if you’re thinking of dabbling in pregnancy, are very much with child or you’ve just done the immense job of a pure warrior and birthed your babe PLEASE buy and read this book whether you call it self care and steal some you time to read and relax or buy the audio version and stick your headphones on whilst you’re feeding your baby (baby will never know!) you will absolutely not regret it. We all need someone who will tell it exactly how it is and make us feel like we are not alone! X

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