My Sinful Desire (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

A passionate, emotional, sexy-as-sin romance novel from number-one New York Times best-selling author Lauren Blakely with all new narration from Teddy Hamilton and Emma Wilder!

I live my life by a few simple rules - let no one in, trust only my family, and don’t ever spend more than three nights with a woman. 

Those are easy enough to abide by when I meet gorgeous, captivating, and absolutely brilliant Sophie Winston, who wants nothing more than to explore all her sinful desires with me after dark. Desires that put me firmly in control in the bedroom. 

That works for me - as long as I can keep the secrets I need to protect. Not only the ones about my family, but the ones about how she’s interwoven into my dangerous past. 

But the night she learns the truth, I’m faced with a stark new choice - let her go or give up control of my heart for the first time ever.

Trouble is, the past is chasing both of us right now and it just caught up.

Additional voices from Maxine Mitchell, Scott Brick, Lili Valente, and others.

Teddy Hamilton, Emma Wilder, Scott Brick, Lili Valente, Maxine Mitchell
hr min
12 May
Lauren Blakely Books

Customer Reviews

LilleyLoohLah ,

I’m loving this series

I’m just loving these Sloane siblings, and although you don’t have to have listened to book 1 in the Sinful Men series, it sure is best if you do. The story carries on from My Sinful Desire with Shannon’s younger brother Ryan being the next in line to lose his heart. The story still centres around the murder 18 years prior, and has Ryan falling for the lead detective’s younger sister, Sophie. Ryan has been a vault, locked up tight, keeping secrets from his family, the police, everybody, for over 18 years, secrets that a 13 year old boy should never be asked to keep. Herein lies the problem, and the reason why Ryan cannot open up, he has so many trust issues, and as you can imagine, that opens up a whole other can of worms with his possible relationship with Sophie. Sophie who is an open book, who doesn’t understand lies and secrets, after all she’s never had to keep a secret. More fantastic characters in this addictive story, with super alpha, super sexy, super dirty talking Ryan, and super rich, super take charge, yet a little bit submissive Sophie. A match made in heaven. Now they just need to break down their defences and try and figure out the puzzle that is Ryan’s dad’s murder. A few little twists in this story, all adding to the plot as it thickens with each book. I loved it. Teddy Hamilton is perfect for narrating Ryan’s domineering, dirty talking persona, because well, that voice. Emma Wilder nails Sophie, a match made in heaven.

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