Mysteries in the Music: Case Closed Mysteries in the Music: Case Closed

Mysteries in the Music: Case Closed

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    • £7.99

Publisher Description

Mysteries in the Music: Case Closed examines some of the secrets, myths, legends, hoaxes, conspiracies, and wildly inexplicable events that are such an intriguing part of rock and roll history.

Travel Back to the 1950s to uncover "Who Really Discovered Elvis Presley?" Revisit the 1960s when a folk troubadour tried forming a supergroup with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Transport back to Jamaica 1976 to discover whether the CIA tried to assassinate reggae superstar Bob Marley. Discover whether The Beach Boys actually stole a song from cult leader Charles Manson. Uncover the secrets behind Nirvana's Nevermind album.

Award-winning, Bestseller Jim Berkenstadt, aka the Rock And Roll Detective®, has spent decades researching the players behind these famous mysteries hidden within the music itself. No one has ever asked eyewitnesses the tough questions or dug through the primary source materials and documentary evidence left behind... until now. Unsolved for decades, the stories of pop music lore have been unearthed - and the truth is finally revealed. Berkenstadt has served as an historical consultant to the late George Harrison, Martin Scorsese, The Beatles (Apple Corps Ltd), Traveling Wilburys, REELZ TV, and the estate of Roy Orbison.

Praise for Mysteries in the Music: Case Closed

"Jim Berkenstadt, the Rock And Roll Detective®, strikes again! Rock and Roll was built on its own crazy mythology, but Jim knows the true stories are likely to be even wilder than the myths. Mysteries surrounding Bob Marley, Elvis, The Beatles, the Stones, the Beach Boys, Nirvana, Traveling Wilburys, and even the FBI are finally revealed. I read this book with great pleasure and fascination and I have no doubt that you will too."

-- Chris Frantz, Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club and author of Remain in Love"

Matt Hurwitz
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11 October
Rock And Roll Detective® LLC.