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Another set of unsolved crimes for television’s DI Jack Frost (A Touch of Frost) to stumble through. Read by David Jason, the star of the television series.

A serial killer is terrorising the senior citizens of Denton, and the local police are succumbing to a flu epidemic. Tired and demoralized, the force has to contend with a seemingly perfect young couple suffering arson attacks and death threats, a suspicious suicidem burgalries, pornographic videos, poison-pen letters …

In uncertain charge of the investigations is Detetcive Inspector Jack Frost, crumpled, slapdash and foul-mouthed as ever. he tries to cope despite inadequate back-up, but there is never enough time; the unsolved crimes pile up and the vicious killings go on. So Frist has to cut corners and take risks, knowing that his Divisional Commander will throw him to the wovles if anything goes wrong. And for Frost, things always go wrong …

About the author

R.D. Wingfield, who is married with one son and lives in Basildon, Essex, is a prolific writer of radio crime plays and comedy scripts, some for the late Kenneth Williams, star of the Carry On films. His crime novels featuring DI Jack Frost are A Touch of Frost, Frost at Christmas, Hard Frost, Night Frost and Winter Frost. The series has been successfully adapted for television as A Touch of Frost starring David Jason.

Crime & Thrillers
David Jason
hr min
August 15

Customer Reviews

Kiamose ,


Well the title says it all. It is BRILLIANT. i read/listened to all the books in the jack frost series and my only negative is that there wasn't anymore. I love them. If you have seen the series then you will live the books. Jack is brilliant and I wish more of his co-workers thought the same as if it wasn't for jack then Denton would be full of active criminals and jumped up coppers who know bugger all. I wish I could give them more stars. David Jason is a natural story teller.

Keeow. ,


Brilliant story narrated by one of the best actors of this age, David Jason, what a Star.
My only criticism is there should be at least a 3 second gap at the end of the story before an American accented voice kicks in and destroys the atmospheric ending by announcing the presentation was by Audible.Com. .
Guys, you are ruining the ending.

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